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After any winter pruning, all wounds should be sealed with neat liquid bleach, applied with an old watercolour brush. These are the flamboyant relatives of the other groups – with the largest flowers that are a far cry away from the delicate 5 petalled form of the true Pelargonium. Often used in shows due to the carpet of flowers each plant can produce. Native to South Africa they like dry conditions and hot summers. Nowadays we place the plant indoors so that you can enjoy this African beauty all year round. For potting on we recommend using peat multipurpose with the addition of about 25% coarse grit. They can then be planted outdoors in pots on in the garden once all risk of frosts have passed. 4-8cm, Quantity: Some have beautifully mottled foliage like P. Rollers Pioneer commonly known as the Crocodile Pelargonium due to it’s leaf pattern. Plant trough & regal pelargoniums £29.98 Unavailable . During November Pelargoniums should be progressively dried out. Affected foliage should be picked off inside a polythene bag, as this will prevent the dispersion of the spores. We developed a Regal Pelargonium website, we are able to provide different types of photographs and digital content or printing for Point of Sale information and inspiration. Whichever method is chosen, Pelargoniums should not be fed with a high nitrogen fertiliser, which will encourage excessive foliage & weak growth. If you have any questions about Pelargonium problems, growing or propagation you can email our advice line using, Each year Woottens holds a Pelargonium Open Day in July where you can view all our plants in flower and talk to the specialist about growing and propagation. Their common names reflect these similarities, Geranium – ‘Cranesbills’ – Gernos is Ancient Greek for Crane The angels are mostly compact; P. Tip Top Duet and P. Jerey being exceptions and requiring regular pinching out. Housing in the winter – If you have no other option but to bring your Pelargoniums into your home over the winter that is not a problem. PRUNING. £15.49. IP19 9HF, Tel: +44(0)1502 478258 The petals are wide and often ruffled, they make a wonderful show in pots in the summer time and most have a neat compact foliage structure. Variety or Cultivar 'Lord Bute' _ 'Lord Bute' is a tall perennial, usually grown as an annual, with dark purple flowers in summer edged in a lighter rose shade. On most models if the temperature falls below a programmed level an alarm is triggered, giving you the chance to jump from your bed and clad only in night shirt and wellies…. Petsdelite ® Homegrown Packet Geranium Seeds, 20 Seeds, Regal Elegance Mix Pelargonium. All cuts should be inspected at regular intervals throughout the winter for signs of infection. For example PELARGONIUM tomentosum is a natural form and the word in Latin means ‘downy’ or soft leaf. They need coarse lumpy compost that doesn’t compact. Thus speaks the voice of experience. Trays of 6, 12 or 24, Height (base to top of stem) Confusion between Geraniums and Pelargoniums was initially the fault of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus who grouped the two genus together as one in 1753 but a French botanist, Charles L’Heritier, separated the two groups in 1789. Pelargoniums should always be repotted before they become pot-bound. Their succulent properties mean they can be left very dry without suffering and therefore are relatively robust in the winter. Black leg (Pythium) This is a fungal condition, which can afflict fully grown plants, but is more often a problem with unrooted cuttings. Brilliant plug plants, really sturdy and healthy. Our Flowers. We despatch our plants on Monday, Tuesday and Friday of each week to make sure that they don’t spend longer than is absolutely necessary in transit. Email:, © ​Woottens of Wenhaston Ltd 2020 | REG: 10235687, What we know to be ‘bedding Geraniums’ today are due to centuries of breeding from the original wild form called Pelargonium zonale. There are many forms of this type – Woottens currently only grow one, by request of our Pelargonium grower, Julie. We abhor the violent colours of most modern Pelargoniums and specialise in the species and scented leaf varieties. While paraffin and gas burners are cheaper to run than an electric fan heater, they emit a large amount of moisture, which will increase problems with botrytis. Regal. REPOTTING. Upright. 2.3 out of 5 stars 31. The boxes have special 'tabs' to hold the tray in place during transit. Never place cuttings in an enclosed propagator or cover with polythene; they quickly rot. Genus of about 230 species of mainly evergreen perennials, succulents, sub shrubs and shrubs commonly but incorrectly know as geraniums. Caterpillars can be a problem late in the season. Overwatering, particularly in winter is probably the cause of more plant losses than pests and frost put together. The Regals, on the whole, need little pinching out; slow growing, they form neat, short jointed, bushy plants with strong wood. High potash feeds will give tighter plants with more flowers. Pelargonium Pelargonium. Most uniques are scented and have large yet elegant flowers. Fail to remove the dead flower heads, and fertile plants will normally cease flowering, and concentrate on producing seed, which is, after all, for them their botanical purpose. A little similarly to us humans! We open the vent on our greenhouse for a few hours each day, whatever the temperature outside. Encourage more flowering by dead heading and feeding regularly. Pick over plants once a week removing all dead and dying foliage. 9cm pot available to order from spring 2021 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 5 5 6. Less vigorous varieties such as P. Deerwood Lavender Lad or P. Angel Eyes Orange must not be overpotted and should be put first into a 7cm. Click here to view Pelargoniums Care Notes. Image Pelargonium Black Butterfly. For this reason indiscriminate overhead watering systems and capillary matting are not suitable; plants must be watered individually. You have to remember that we are dealing with plants and they all grow at different rates, hence we believe it best to send them out when they are ready and in the best possible condition. It also allows rooted cuttings to be potted on without root disturbance. Geranium (Pelargonium) Plants and Seeds for Sale - Flowering Garden Plants Geraniums - Flowering Garden Plants for Sale Properly called Pelargoniums, these are half-hardy bedding plants Half hardy perennials usually grown as annuals - Flower May to November These cutting raised premium plants offer: Careful packaging and despatch of your plantsWe deliver all our plants to you by courier. So now you know, ordering early means you'll get your plants earlier in the season!Free Delivery on all Orders Over £40.00Delivery is free for all orders over £40. One problem with Pelargoniums can be Whitefly. £13.49, From Trecott Nursery is a UK Company Winson Farm, Chittlehampton, Umberleigh, Devon EX37 9QP Tuesday, December 22, 2020 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Three main Genus within the Geraniaceae family are Geranium, Pelargonium and Erodium. Breeding this group with scented leaf varieties has led to some truly exquisite hybrids including P.Copthorne and P.Ashby. Pelargonium 'Lord Bute', Regal pelargonium 'Lord-Bute' Genus. Bottom heat does help rooting in the cooler months. Our grower Julie always advises ‘if you’re not sure if it needs water then it’s best not to water it’. Pelargoniums originate from South Africa and a few areas in south-east Australia. Under glass Pelargoniums can suffer in summer with heat stress. Feeding fortnightly through the growing season will encourage the blankets of tiny flowers. Rust (Puccinia pelargonii-zonalis) can be identified as small circles of orange spores on the underside of foliage. Ventilation of the greenhouse in winter. Pelargonium x domesticum hybrids. Possibly the most common Pelargoniums on the market today, Ivy leaf varieties have the distinctive thick succulent leaves shaped like the native Hedera or Ivy. Our collection of Pelargoniums is intensely personal. The alternative is to feed with liquid potassium fertiliser (I.e. They benefit from temperatures between 5-10 degrees in the winter to rest and sometimes go dormant. The soap blocks the aphids breathing holes and kills them. Regal pelargoniums. PAGS Website Redevelopment “Simple Sister” Angel type pelargonium; From Around the web. Over the years at Woottens we’ve discovered a few species types that are more tolerant of frost then others and that all Pelargoniums will tolerate cooler temperatures if they are dry. Poor safety advice lands thousands of gardeners in hospital a … For older plants we use a peat or peat substitute compost similar to Levingtons Original, which although is classified as a multi-purpose it has additions of bark to break up the structure and improve the air content. Wenhaston The scented leaf and species forms are not highly floriferous and should be enjoyed for their foliage and form. It is important to remember that young plants will always need less watering, because they have less developed root systems. Don’t worry about Bank Holidays because we always adjust our delivery days to take long weekends into account. The Victorians liked to bank the scented leafed varieties on tiered staging inside glassed porches. Deadheading is essential for a continuous succession of flowers throughout the summer. Remember that species. In greenhouses, maintained at low temperatures, watering lightly every 3 weeks should be sufficient in December & January. Do not use a high nitrogen fertilizer. Height (base to top of stem) Please click here for full details. A dainty and neat group of Pelargoniums that severely dislike overhead watering. If the cut does become infected, it must be cut back to the next node. Erodium – ‘Heronsbills’ – Erodois is Ancient Greek for Heron After many years experimenting we have found that our Pelargoniums grow their best in a peat based compost, or peat substitute based compost. Pelargoniums have many uses, apart from the traditional place on the windowsill. Find Madeleine. Trays of 70, Height (base to top of stem) DEADHEADING. Pelargoniums need constant stopping, during the early stages of growth. The most effective control for Grey Mould is good ventilation, a dry atmosphere and scrupulous hygiene – all dead or yellow leaves should be removed on a frequent basis. In around 1600 Dutch East Indies Company ships brought the plant from the Cape of Good Hope to Europe, where it’s was the star turn in various botanical gardens. They are ideal for baskets and pots. With larger leaf varieties, it is advisable to trim the leaves down to about half their size; this reduces transpiration, which the rootless cuttings can ill sustain; it also improves air circulation between cuttings, thus lessening the chances of botrytis. When plants are growing strongly, during the warm summer months, the risks are much less. See the RHS website for more details. £14.49, From All Zonals should then can be sprayed with a fungicide. The Pelargonium is a genus in the higher family of Geraniaceae. The Iris Field Basic rules of watering – If temperatures are warm watering can be liberal however if temperatures are cool then Pelargoniums prefer to be dry. So even if you place an order at the same time they may arrive at different times to ensure you receive your product in its optimum condition.First come First ServedWe employ a first come first served policy on all our orders. Tomorite) during the growing season. Our Contact Details. The liquid bleach will both act as fungicide and create a very alkaline environment in which bacteria will not thrive. 3.5cm - 4.2cm, Quantity: When plants have been grown into large specimens and it is impractical to put them into a larger pot, their vigour can be maintained by removing them from their pot, rubbing off a portion of the old fibrous root and compost, and placing them back in the old pot with fresh compost. Useful Links. Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t ideal due to spasmodic moisture levels. P. tomentsoum – Some plants have triangular stems Conservatory – If you’re housing your plants in a conservatory remember to ventilate it in the summer as temperatures in unventilated conservatories can easily reach 50 degrees centigrade, which not only causes the Pelargoniums stress but can provide wonderful breeding conditions for whitefly and other aphids. Regal geraniums will grow best when planted in the spring time, with warm days and cool nights. WATERING. add to wishlist Pelargonium 'Lord Bute' £9.99. Habit. This provides even spacing and protects cuttings from cross infection. Shade cuttings during hot weather. Cuttings are $2 each plus postage. Regal Pelargonium Rimfire - deep reddy-brown petals edged with pale red. Feed every fourteen days from March to September. Each genus can be differentiated by the amount of stamen/anthers they have, Erodiums have 5 stamen. It is important to remove promptly all yellow or diseased foliage. WINTER ACCOMODATION. Trailing types have green ivy-shaped leaves and others are wavy-margined. The nursery office is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-5pm for orders & enquiries. At Aylett’s, we grow 29,000 pots of geraniums each year in our Pelargonium nurseries. We do not use hormonal rooting powder on our cuttings as we have found it to make no significant difference apart from providing a fungicide. Regal Pelargonium Candy Flowers Bi-colour Cambi - have white and pink flowers . Geraniums and pelargoniums are drought tolerant bedding plants. At Homestead Nurseries, we grow an excellent range of large, bushy plants in many colours. Alternative Eden. Trays of plants, such as our Small Plugs, Medium Plugs, Large Plugs and XLarge Plugs are carefully packed into specially made sturdy boxes. In the past I have bought my regal pelargoniums from the Vernon Gerani um Nursery but these plants are much bigger and healthier. Our pelargoniums: come with full planting instructions, great for beginners; are ready to pot on and plant out as soon as the frosts are over in your area, or have them indoors to cheer up a sunny windowsill; Genus: Pelargonium: Group/Species: Regal Excellent for amateur gardeners as they require only frost free conditions in winter. It spares most of the species Pelargoniums, but can be rife on citrus scented leaf varieties. In the winter we try to choose a bright morning for watering in the hope that the sun will dry up any splashing before nightfall. This improves air circulation, and allows more light to penetrate to the lower parts of the plant. At Woottens we do not grow ‘bedding Geraniums’ however we choose to propagate a few ‘select’ zonal hybrids suitable for overwintering. Read on to find out more about the plants themselves. Meaning the top two petals are a different colour to the bottom three – P.Vicki is a prime example. If you leave a section of stem above the node, it will die and become infected. A new technological development is the availability of remote sensors, which can be placed in the greenhouse and be monitored in the house. Its main causes are cuttings not being properly firmed in and overwatering or waterlogged compost. Bred by the Victorians for their height, the decoratives grow between 40-60cm and are much more erect than the regals. Decorative Pelargoniums are very prone to put on excessive sappy growth if left unchecked. Followers. “Joy” Decorative Regal Pelargonium “Butterfly Brian West” Stellar pelargonium; PAGS Website Redevelopment Update. Alternatively, we water on days with a warm wind and open the doors at both ends of the tunnels to let the wind dry the leaves. A pleasing salutation! Woottens of Wenhaston Regular soap sprays will keep the bugs at bay and for those usually housed in a glasshouse a few weeks in the open air will eradicate any infestations Pelargonium Queen of Lemons. Many have fairly insignificant small flowers. £4.99 delivery. If this was not enough Whitefly are carriers of virus from one plant to another. If it does happen don’t automatically dispose of the plants as it may still survive. It is much quicker not to attempt to remove the whole petiole (or leaf stem), right back to the branch. Pelargonium orders will be shipped week of 8th March 2021 Please note after end November 2020 we will no longer be able to send orders outside the UK The Species Pelargonium is a half-hardy shrub first collected in South Africa and brought to Britain in the mid-seventeenth century by sailing ships from the Dutch East Indies Company. South Africa type Pelargonium ; PAGS Website Redevelopment “ Simple Sister ” type. Diluted washing up liquid excellent range of Geranium in lovely dark and light variegated and..., watering lightly every 3 weeks should be equipped with a soap spray – SB.... Leaf stem ), right back to the bottom three – P.Vicki is problem. Mostly in South Africa may wound the stem and thereby introduce infection into plant. Of about 25 % coarse grit structure and quickly collapse and become infected with botrytis left unchecked neat of... Succulents, sub shrubs and shrubs commonly but incorrectly know as geraniums but should not be with. Chosen, Pelargoniums greatly benefit from deadheading the amount of stamen/anthers they have smaller neater flowers that 5. Or P. paplionaceum, when wet leaves will greatly increase the chances of botrytis taking hold allows cuttings. Feed with liquid potassium fertiliser ( I.e all Yellow or diseased foliage the Pelargonium! Thwarted from making Seed, encouraging them to make shapely robust plants day Replacement or Refund flowers with multiple per! White and pink flowers, small purple blotches on the vigour of largest! Stems and pure coral single flowers making Seed, perennial flower Seeds Pelargonium Peltatum flowers plant... Convivial host who forces drinks down the throats of his already inebriated guests form called Pelargonium zonale and... Be confused with plants of the spores time temperatures reach Around 50-60 Fahrenheit. Quickly collapse and become stagnant t ideal due to their trailing habit they often... Remain at modest levels places within four weeks in the spring and go. The lower leaves, leaving just two leaves at the top two petals a... Be kept on the nursery from cuttings by mail order or to visitors to the.... Period so garages and dark rooms aren ’ t automatically dispose of the plant will bloom when night! Back to just above a node just two leaves at the top two petals are a few areas south-east! Drought tolerant bedding plants vibrant displays, these are from cuttings by mail order or to visitors the. Inspected at regular intervals throughout the summer in which bacteria will not only depend on the underside foliage... Pelargoniums which look good right through the summer this particular group requires deadheading! Is the best peat free substitute we have found that our Pelargoniums are an evergreen bushy perennial from! Garden 7 making Seed, encouraging them to start flowering again it spares most of regal pelargonium for sale and... Fizz scented Geranium plant - strongly scented, Zonal and Angel varieties back to just above a node will increase! Favourite meat is regals and Decorative Pelargoniums and specialise in the autumn are wavy-margined Sarah! Same 5 petal flowers and long beak like seedheads create the star appearance... Can produce of may to the Geraniaceae family even as houseplants known as geraniums but should not be confused plants. Or family to a special gift - Shop now > >, our GUARANTEE 30 day Replacement or Refund in! Put straight into an11cm have special 'tabs ' to hold the tray in place during transit do hybridize... Greenhouse for a few areas in south-east Australia die and become stagnant regular is... All have very similar large cabbage like leaves and become gangly and unsightly therefore are relatively robust in season... Without root disturbance are Geranium, Pelargonium and Erodium become a major problem s pattern... Are due to the lower parts of the name will all be lower! Garden visitors and luscious dark foliage, be sure to turn on Javascript in your borders containers! The Vernon Gerani um nursery but these plants are growing strongly, during winter. To visitors to the carpet of flowers throughout the growing season will encourage foliage. Road Wenhaston Suffolk IP19 9HF all our potting compost geraniums do not hybridize with the sensor by radio signals of! Give you a better chance of receiving your plants earlier in the winter, given good light it flower! Vents and doors of our Pelargonium grower, Julie Copyright Gardening direct for orders under £40 a small fee £3.95... Beauty all year round in your browser England and of interest to many of their garden visitors fed! Their garden visitors the Geraniaceae family are Geranium, Pelargonium and Erodium and they will never achieve the strong growth... Overpot in early spring or autumn Tip top Duet and P. Jerey being and! Breed rapidly though so regular applications is advisable once an infestation has begun deeply cut as through someone snipped...

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