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An upper storey of tree canopies offers dappled shade for a jungle layer of dense vegetation, studded with upturned tree stumps that make great lookout posts. Please note that this is only a sampling of plants from hundreds of possibilities and is by no means a complete list. Spider plants are another variety that can thrive in low light while keeping your pets company. What your cat and your neighbour will appreciate more than anything is the provision of an outdoor latrine. Provide some screening, but arrange it in such a way that the cat has a view out of and cannot be ambushed by another cat. If your feline has access to the outdoors, you’ll need to consider that space as well. A Cat Friendly Garden Space is Great Enrichment Cat Friendly Plants for Outdoor Cat Gardens. The Calathea family presents a variety of colourful cat-friendly plants. They don’t like having wet roots. If you’re like me, plants which don’t require frequent watering are an excellent alternative, too. Even your cat knows that a healthy diet, with some leafy greens, is helpful for getting all the different vitamins and nutrients they need! While their instincts encourage them to take a nibble, what they don’t know, is which plants are good to chew on or not. Skip to content . Rinse picked herbs thoroughly before using for cooking purposes. Creating a Plant-Filled, Pet-Friendly Home. Help stop your cat roaming by devoting more time to your own garden and making it more cat-friendly. They taste bitter and have a slight scent if you get close enough. Fortunately, this isn’t completely true. Always better to be safe than sorry. I mentioned the joyful fact that cats will vomit even when eating safe plants. They’re really easy to grow as long as they have enough light—but again, make sure it’s indirect—and are not over-watered. On a lark doing a little research I’m quite surprised to find how many of my favorite plants aren’t good and even downright dangerous for my babies. They can’t live in a completely dark room and would like some sporadic light, but they’ll do just find farther away from a window. Depending on your tastes, you can find a violet to go with just about any room. This is a plant parent judgement-free zone. A couple of my favourites are the Rose Painted and the Rattlesnake. Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea Seifrizii) Also known as the reed palm, the bamboo palm is a cat-safe tree that will survive with indirect sunlight. Plants Safe for Cats & Dogs. You can have cats and house plants! Many people fear or have learned the hard way that not all plants can be considered cat friendly. I'd like to think it was the pleasure of my company, but I suspect it is more to do with feeling secure and getting an elevated viewpoint that makes the potting bench a favourite perching point for the cats. Simply unbox and enjoy. Both of these varieties offer variegated green leaves with bright red undersides. Boston Fern Plant. This is a plant parent judgement-free zone. There's a long list of cat safe houseplants for the Indoor Gardener to choose from. Pretty soon, you’ll realize that the only constraint will be a lack of space! ), cats much prefer a garden that is a bit rough at the edges to one that is maintained in immaculate order. It may be frustrating, but please don’t be angry at your furry friend for doing what is natural to them. When the sun goes down, the leaves on the plants come together like prayer hands, and that's why they're called prayer plants. Up to 80% of felines react with temporary euphoria to the totally harmless intoxicating effects produced by the release of nepetalactone from catnip leaves and stems. Parsley requires a deeper pot and likes more moisture than thyme, but give these guys a good amount of sunlight and you’ll be set. Just be mindful of the strong afternoon sun. A keen gardener's plot, like it or not, has great appeal for a cat who will enjoy having lots of plants to sniff, shelter within shrubs to hide and observe, insects to chase, and … Your cat may be less likely to be bored or frustrated. The foliage is non-toxic to cats and dogs, so brighten up your guest room or bathroom with these lush plants. It would like to rest in cooler temperatures for a period of time in the winter, but as with other exotic plants, this guy won’t do well if exposed to cold drafts. They love bright light, but too much direct sunlight can burn them. It requires very little attention (in fact, its name alludes to how much neglect it can handle), adds subtle personality to a room and requires an occasional grooming sesh (wiping down the large green leaves). Lavender is a great herb to plant in a feline-friendly garden, providing a bushy and attractive hiding place for cats. Close menu. It loves the sunlight and may even bloom in the summer if taken outside. Get your cat checked out by a vet as soon as possible if they display these signs and symptoms. Of course, it’s important to remember that dogs eat grass and vomit it back. Plants like Rue (Ruta) can be a serious skin irritant. Boston ferns ( Nephrolepis) are an enduring houseplant favorite, but their shaggy fronds may tempt cats and dogs to chew. Luckily there are plenty of safe plants to choose from. Not only will this make your outdoor puss less likely to venture onto a nearby road in search of new adventures, but it might stop him squatting in the neighbours' gardens too! That’s what the lead feature is about this month. A couple of my favourites are the Rose Painted and the Rattlesnake. 04Indoor Plants Safe For Cats. Above from left: catnip, cat grass, runner beans, Michaelmas daisies, and squash. The ASPCA has a list of toxic plants here for researching the safety of plants before bringing them home to your kitty. They are kept for their wonderful ornamental foliage, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Finding cat-friendly plants can be a daunting task. You may find that providing a ‘cat-friendly’ garden or outside space for your cat has the following extra benefits: Your cat may seem more relaxed and less stressed when in the house. You can decrease your pain (as well as your cat’s discomfort), by choosing plants that are safe for them. Check with your vet, or forgo that plant entirely. You won’t either. They do well in low-light areas of your home as long as they’re exposed to several hours of light a day. Burros tail succulent plants are completely non-toxic. However, a few potted poisonous plants are known for being highly toxic, so be sure to steer clear of succulents (especially if you have curious cats), snake plant, and oleander, which can even be toxic to young children! See more ideas about Houseplants, House plants, Plants. Gloxinia-Sinningia Speciosa. Let your cactus rest after blooming by not fertilizing or watering for 30 days. In the wild, this would remove feathers, fur, and bones that would otherwise be difficult to pass. The problem that us pet owners have is that a lot of plants are toxic to cats and dogs. This garden is beautifully designed and as appealing to cats as it is to us. They are easy to maintain and would be placed at any position of the household. It helps filter Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, and Toluene out of your air. 4. Indoor plants are a great way to freshen up your home, and to bring in that lush green touch from the outdoors inside. Venus Fly Trap-Dionaea Muscipula While the Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) isn’t poisonous, many other types are. A routine morning with my boy looks a little something like this: doling out Gregor’s brekkie and then after he has about two bites, following him to the balcony door and letting him out so he can have his morning cat grass. Some are common garden plants, some are wild flowers, while others may pop up as self-sown seedlings distributed by the wind or bird droppings. If you’re like me, you’d like to have plants in your house, but you worry they may not work and play nicely with your feline housemates. Part of that attention includes a light misting every so often. Checkout . Clipped from heather, they would make a wonderful maze for cats to stalk and pounce in and best of all, there is a cat-friendly millstone fountain at the centre. Another popular cat-friendly plant is the Rattlesnake Plant. Nepetalactone is the relevant chemical in the catnip that sends cats into a highly relaxed state. In addition to the plants listed, many bromeliads and orchids can be grown safely in a home with cats. (Thanks Mom!). The Rattlesnake Plant prefers a medium to a low light area in your home. African Violet-Saintpaulia. I’m focusing on your indoor space for the purpose of this article. As they’re native to more tropical climates, care should also be taken to keep these plants away from cold drafts. You’ll probably get really particular about rug selection too! Furthermore, the decorative twisted trunk and broad leaves add a nice touch to any home. Closer to home, we can all use the new year to make positive changes to our lives — and to the lives of our cats. 6. It looks and smells amazing too. You may already have these herbs in your garden. Well, when it comes to 2021, let’s hope that this truly is the case. This is another cat-friendly plant that can do well in a more shaded area of your home. Index of Plants. The staghorn fern will do well in any room with bright or indirect light but never in a dark room. I actually have a Croton, which is well noted on the toxic list. Company Registered in England no. This is perhaps the perfect house plant for a cat owner. GB 638 3492 15, Copyright © 2020 Warners Group Publications Plc. African violets also appreciate a humid environment. A timber boardwalk allows for a quick sprint and offers a warm spot to soak up the sun. If you have cats or other pets like rabbits, guinea pigs or birds you have to make sure not to have poisonous house plants in your home. Sometimes in your search, you’ll find conflicting information regarding a specific plant. If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy to receive all cookies. New year, new start — we’re all used to hearing this type of mantra as a new year approaches. Watch out for odd behaviour that accompanies vomiting, such as drooling, or lethargy. The Calathea family presents a variety of colourful cat-friendly plants. You will also notice that your dear friend will most assuredly go in search of a rug in order to perform this business. Lavender is a great herb to plant in a feline-friendly garden, providing a bushy and attractive hiding place for cats. While easy to care for, they do appreciate some attention and will react positively to pruning. Jun 19, 2020 - Explore sandy w's board "Cat Friendly Houseplants", followed by 402 people on Pinterest. You shouldn’t be too concerned by this. House Plants Safe for Cats (Cat Friendly Indoor Plants) Rebbeca Steward No comment. Be careful not to over-water these guys, and take note that they’re not fond of overly cold water. The Bamboo palm is another great cat-friendly plant to have indoors. This cat friendly plant is a really popular houseplant because it is easy to grow, it tolerates low light conditions, and is very attractive. 2572212 | VAT registration No. These palms store water in their bulbous trunks, which allows them to go for a very long time without a proper watering. As an added bonus, these lovely guys will aid in purifying the air in your home. Other really good plants for your cat include: Cat Grass – Cats may often eat grass as it is thought to help with digestion. Email us: Garden expert Graham Strong shows you how to create the perfect garden paradise. If yours is anything like mine, however, then you know the struggle well. Having looked into this it easier to list thos . Please note that this is only a sampling of plants from hundreds of possibilities and is by no means a complete list. Some cats may not be phased by this though, so knowing your cat well is important. She holds a certificate in business communications and has past experience in the fields of HR and Event Planning. It grows up to 3 feet in height and is completely safe for your pets. In addition, they produce a nice fragrance when chewed. Find a Plant. The pet-friendly plant can be potted, mounted on a wall, or hung in a basket. Be very careful when selecting a fern for your home. HOUSE OF PLANTS If you have more space and are looking for a plant with some height, the Areca Palm is very popular and can be found in most garden centres. Botanical Name: Calathea zebrina. Cat Friendly Gardens – herbs to eat Catnip – Nepeta cataria Nepeta cataria is the ‘true’ catnip which is the one where the leaves are dried and put in those cat toys that your cute kitty goes crazy for. As far as we know these plants are non-toxic to cats which is cool because this plant is relatively easy to care for as it likes northern facing windows where the light is bright but indirect. Bright partial light, no direct sunlight, and constantly moist soil. If your cat is usually very demanding of your time and attention, they may become a bit more independent. Pets often enjoy chewing greenery, and in the process can become sick. Boston ferns like humidity and lots of … These cat-friendly plants are fantastic! There are plenty of safe plants out there to decorate and increase the air quality in the home without harming your pets. Manicured lawns and narrow borders filled with the sort of dumpy summer bedding plants you see in your local park can quickly become a desert for wildlife and offer little opportunity for a cat to show off their natural instincts. We will help you to select cat friendly house plants that won't harm your pet. It’s interesting to note that in the wild, these trees can actually grow up to 20 meters! These 15 species are technically safe for cats and dogs, but it's still best to eliminate temptation and place all houseplants out of reach. For starters, I’m terrible at keeping plants alive. Every plant from The Sill comes with simple care instructions, direct access to our team of houseplant experts, and our guarantee to be there to answer any questions you might have. The Spruce / Kara Riley. Be sure to confirm with the ASPCA for the most up to date information on pet-safe gardening. Most commonly cats like to play with the small beads that come out of this plant. Set up a “catio” to give Kitty safe access to the outdoors. They like bright light, but they are also very forgiving—they can sit in a place where they only receive bright light about half the time and still do quite well. Thanks to years of cultivation, we can now enjoy them in our homes. They require low light conditions and are non-toxic to both cats and dogs. There are many African Violet species to choose from. In your home, this can help to clear furballs. It would be great to see the world return to some form of normality. The following plants are most likely to cause injury if grown in an enclosed space, like an outdoor run, where cats may ingest them out of idle curiosity. Are hoya plants toxic to cats? If you don’t already have them growing, keeping fresh herbs on hand is never a bad idea. By providing your cat with greens that are safe to snack on, you help them to fulfill a natural instinct. Other than wanting to be warm and having a nice humid environment, this species is very easy to care for—just make sure you don’t let him dry out. She is an avid urban gardener, as well as a budding aerialist. 4. This means they can be placed further back from a window or along an interior wall that faces a window. Calathea Plant. House Plants. I’m a very tactile person, so I find plants like these very appealing. Cats love to lounge in the sun, but can be prone to sunburn. Cat Safe Houseplants List. There's a lot to be said for providing your cat with a litter tray in the house. CAST IRON PLANT. Bostons are a popular choice for adding a classic touch to any room. Make sure you use a well-draining soil. Above left: With the Century Plant (Agave), it is the needle-tipped leaves that cause injury. Lavender is a popular, easy to maintain shrub that is perfect for a cat friendly garden. Like most wildlife (and our two cats are pretty wild at times! If you know your cat well enough, you can take some liberties with the plants you choose. Calathea plant can brighten up any atmosphere with its bicolor-green foliage and silver brushmarks. With all plants, however, it’s a good idea to make sure to keep them in an area that is hard for your cat to reach, as curious cats and plants of any type are never a favorable combination! A keen gardener's plot, like it or not, has great appeal for a cat who will enjoy having lots of plants to sniff, shelter within shrubs to hide and observe, insects to chase, and dug-over flowerbeds or vegetable patches to use. Oh and a fun little cleaning tip for you: solid barf come up quite nicely with a spatula. One of the great things about a Boston is that they can appear to be half dead, but can still be revived with little effort. For a long time I simply thought my Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) was confused, when in actual fact, it was an Easter Cactus. Cats use grass and other greens to clean their digestive tracts and settle their stomachs. So why not nurture their need for exploration by creating a cat-friendly garden? At its simplest, it could be a secluded square of earth that you've raked and that's easy for your cat to dig over and do his business. Herbs are also pretty easy keepers. Both of these varieties offer … Never fear — there are some cat-friendly plants that you can grow inside your home without fear of harming your feline friend. I love plants and I love pets, but unfortunately for me, the two don’t mix. We'll deliver your plants in our protective, sustainable packaging straight to your door. In addition to the plants listed, many bromeliads and orchids can be grown safely in a home with cats. If you want to keep a particular section of your garden away from prowling paws, try incorporating plants with repellant smells such as Plectranthus caninus (also known as Coleus canina or ‘scaredy cat’ plant), or aromatic herbs like lavender, rosemary or Helichrysum italicum (curry plant), which some cats dislike and may avoid. For those of you who would love to have plants, but can never remember to water them, this one’s for you. Right: the pollen from lilies can be deadly to cats if they lick it off their fur. Catmint – and other members of the mint family – more plants that may be attractive and stimulating to your cat. This has kept Gregor wholly uninterested. Basket. These impressive hedges are a feature of the imaginative garden at The Bannut in Herefordshire. If you’re new to cat ownership, it’s not something you want to find out the wrong way. Now is the perfect time to get out in the garden, preparing for the warmer months ahead. Use a good quality potting soil. Aspidistra elatior. This plant is thought to bring wealth to its owner, and it’s safe for kitty. This plant has great texture and colour to its leaves, making it a great addition to any room. Ashley first studied as a Silversmith and enjoys many creative pursuits, including of course, the written word. They also make beautiful home decor. We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. From where to put your plant, to how to care for it, we're here to help. But you’ll get really good at cleaning up cat vomit. 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