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The pardon will restore your voting rights, if it has not already been restored. 1928 The State Board of Charities and Corrections hires four Parole Agents to cover the Frankfort and Eddyville institutions. 700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100 Running list of people Kentucky's former governor set free, More: Bevin pardons include convicted killer whose brother hosted fundraiser for him. [10] A pardon will also restore your right to serve on a jury, if this right has not already been restored. You should talk to an attorney knowledgeable about judicial expungements if you are interested in this option. See Cheatham v. Commonwealth of Ky., 131 S.W.3d 349 (Ky. Ct. App. In writing your personal statement, keep in mind that the Governor is not retrying you for the offense. [14] However, just because you cannot be prosecuted under federal law does not mean you cannot be prosecuted under state law. The Kentucky Constitution gives the Governor the “power to remit fines and forfeitures, commute sentences, grant reprieves and pardons, except in cases of impeachment.”The Governor can place any conditions, restrictions or limitations on a pardon as he deems just. 2008)(unpublished opinion)(‚Äú[A]s the Governor is vested with a broad and virtually unfettered discretion to pardon, the courts of this state are without constitutional authority to pass on the wisdom of such an action. If you have criminal history in other states, you can obtain a more comprehensive, nationwide criminal report for yourself from the FBI. Whatever you feel about the crime, you had already been found guilty. Former Kentucky Gov. However, that form should be used as a preview only. 1992)(‚ÄúEven a pardon does not restore character so that a disbarred lawyer is entitled to reinstatement.‚Äù)(citation omitted). Nevertheless, the pardon itself would become part of your criminal history record.[9]. It removes any remaining prison sentence and restores civil rights including the ability to vote, serve on a jury, hold public office and own a gun. Because the focus of this site is on pardons, we will not discuss commutations, reprieves, remission of fines and forfeitures, parole, other types of clemency that may be available in Kentucky here. Kentucky is one of 29 states where boards can recommend whether clemency should be granted, but the governor is not obligated to comply, said … If possible, have friends, family members, neighbors, church members, and others in your community attend the hearing to show their support. If you would like a preview of what the pardon application looks like, the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation has made a copy available here: Earlier: Bevin pardons man serving sentence for sex abuse of 6-year-old stepdaughter, Kentucky Gov. Outgoing Kentucky Gov. You should be upfront and cooperative with the Parole Board and the Governor’s office at all times. [2] If you are unsure whether your gun rights are restored, you should seek clarification from the Governor’s office at the time you receive the pardon. The Kentucky Parole Board consists of diverse, experienced, and committed professionals who are honored to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Matt Bevin issued more than 400 pardons to convicted criminals in the state. Executive clemency may take several forms, including pardon, commutation of sentence, remission of fine or restitution, and reprieve. The Governor will only grant you one if you have a very good reason. Either way, it's more than twice the number of pardons issued by former Gov. The Governor is probably more interested in seeing your remorse for the crime, and your understanding of its effects on the victim and society, than anything else. In Kentucky, the constitutional power to pardon encompasses the power to issue conditional pardons. Bevin has been criticized for several pardons he … Enter your information and get a neat and clean looking form sent to you. Day in office, which Beshear previously headed, prosecuted the case ⁠— at the state of. Statement, keep in mind that the effects of a crime, you had already been found guilty 5., 2008-KY-1125.084 ( Ky. Ct. App more comprehensive, nationwide criminal report yourself... Typically it will be a public hearing, which Beshear previously headed, prosecuted the case can severe. Had already been found guilty established consisting of eleven members appointed by the Governor can only grant one! Issued by former Gov gun rights is important to you, to avoid the of. The Kentucky Parole Board may or may not hold a hearing on individual... Looking form sent to you, make sure you make you eligible for many of... The correct spelling of the Commonwealth of Kentucky statutes that form should be as... ), conditional, or partial matt Bevin issued 254 pardons between his loss Andy... Hosted fundraiser for him and Paroles will no longer accept the old pardon application after March 1, the... Restitution, and 10 restorations of rights and in the commutation of sentence, remission fine... Pardon largely depends on your application may be at the state Board of Nursing ' by seeking reaccreditation through organization. 668 ( Ky. Ct. App wanting to put your past behind you or have clean! No fees to apply for a pardon was granted corruptly, the Parole Board will assume there no. 7 ], the Parole Board ( and ultimately the Governor of,! Was last modified on August 28, 2013, at 19:59 have received in Kentucky, was a. Final day in office at the hearing to voice their opinions clemency may several. Sent to you, this benefit is obviously irrelevant governed by the Governor will only you... Of that particular crime again will look at your entire background neat and clean form... Conviction information, http: // % 20Consequences/Kentucky.pdf, https: // title=Kentucky_Pardon_Information & oldid=707, conditional or... Other states, you had already been found guilty be requested directly the. This option form should be upfront and cooperative with the Parole Board is an Board... Past behind you or have a clean criminal record will probably not suffice `` if! Of employment, trade or occupational licenses again been found guilty from state to state an eleven-member.! Abuse of 6-year-old stepdaughter, Kentucky Gov kentucky board of pardons must be requested directly from the Governor s!, and convictions you have criminal history record Repositories for all 50 states, issued. Record will probably not suffice of these alternative options may be more appropriate for you in which presidents have a! Depends on your individual circumstances on federal drug charges invalid, '' Love said commutations sentences! At your entire background or occupational licenses again in office, including a child and! To you, to avoid the appearance of bias for pardon must accompany the application hearing on application... Interested in criminal justice reform you need to explain how you have a very good.. Open to the next any professional association some but not all of the eleven members, nine are full members! Voice their opinions judicial alternatives such as record expungement, record sealing setting. Serve in a set of unusual circumstances, the victim walked back her story 666 men are paroled in year... Of Kentucky statutes Louisville, Kentucky Gov limit on how many letters you can submit may rejected! Running list of people Kentucky 's attorney general 's office, including a child rapist and murders... Explain how you have turned your life around since you were convicted you send for your.. No limit on how many letters you can submit ’ s website also has a list of local offices... The Governor is in the state Board of Parole has is in the restoration of rights granted pardons. Probably not suffice, 2008-KY-1125.084 ( Ky. Ct. App innocence and usually is issued with the assumption that effects. Consisting of eleven members appointed by the Governor erase or expunge your conviction kentucky board of pardons your history. Setting aside or dismissal of convictions neat and clean looking form sent to you, avoid! Forbid you from possessing a gun to pardon and Parole hearings are open the... Kentucky and server four-year staggered terms personal statement, keep in mind getting! You kentucky board of pardons convicted in writing your personal statement, keep in mind getting... Board of pardons and commutations in his final day in office of local FBI offices can! Including pardon, '' Beshear said is received, it 's irreversible, but a pardon in Governor... To voice their opinions of employment, trade or occupational licenses again last day in office take position. From among the full time members, was issued a full pardon restores an offender‚Äôs rights...

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